5.10. pyopus.problems.cuter — Wrapper for accessing CUTEr problems

Inheritance diagram of pyopus.problems.cuter

Wrapper for CUTEr problems (PyOPUS subsystem name: CUTER)

This is a CPI interface to CUTEr. You nedd to have CUTEr installed. See the cutermgr module for more information.

This module is independent of PyOPUS, meaning that it can be taken as is and used as a module in some other package. It depends only on the cpi, the cutermgr, and the cuteritf modules.

class pyopus.problems.cuter.CUTEr(cuterName, cachedName=None, sifParams=None, sifOptions=None, efirst=False, lfirst=False, nvfirst=False, forceRebuild=True, quiet=True)[source]

A wrapper class for accessing CUTEr problems.

  • cuterName - CUTEr problem name (described by cuterName.sif)

  • cachedName - compiled problem name, defaults to cuterName

  • sifParams - SIF parameters (e.g. for specifying problem size)

  • sifOptions - addittional SIF decoder command line options

  • efirst - put equality constraints first (boolean)

  • lfirst - put linear constraints first (boolean)

  • nvfirst - put nonlinear variables first (boolean)

  • forceRebuild - force rebuilding even if the problem is already in cache

  • quiet - supress output messages from compilers

cachedName must not contain dots because it is a part of a Python module name.

The actual compiled problem module is in the mod attribute. See the cutermgr module on how to compile and import a CUTEr problem without using this wrapper.


Returns the common problem interface.

Best known minimum information is not available.

The info member of the returned dictionary is itself a dictionary with the following members:

  • sifParams - SIF parameters

  • sifOptions - additional SIF decoder command line options

An additional member is available named module. It is a reference to the imported CUTEr problem module.

See the CPI class for more information.