11.1.8. Results database tabs

The results database display tab for the active task can be opened by selecting Task/View results in the main menu. These tabs can be closed. They display the contents of a results database. They also makes it possible to plot waveforms and evaluate performance measures from the results saved by the evaluator (postprocessing of results).


A results tab.

At the top the path to the results database and the timepoint when it was created are displayed. The rest of the tab is divided horizontally in three parts

  • Tree with the result nodes (left)

  • The available aspects of the active result node along with the lists of performance measures and plots available in the postprocessing step (middle)

  • The contents of the active result node’s selected aspect (right). If a performance measure or a plot are selected in the middle part of the tab then the respective postprocessing measure/plot can be edited and the results of the evaluation/plotting are displayed here.