7. pyopus.wxmplplot — Threaded plotting support based on Matplotlib and WxPython

Threaded plotting support based on Matplotlib and wxPython

This module is based on wxMpl by Ken McIvor


It provides the basic plot window managemet that is performed in a separate thread so that MATLAB style plotting is possible in Python. The rendering is performed by Matplotlib on a wxPython canvas.

This module is independent of PyOPUS, meaning that it can be taken as is and used as a module in some other package.

Because this module depends on Matplotlib and wxPython its members are not imported into the main PyOPUS module.

All members of the plotitf module are imported into the wxmplplot module. This way you can import the plotting interface as:

from pyopus import wxmplplot as pyopl

instead of more complicated:

from pyopus.wxmplplot import plotitf as pyopl

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