11.1.7. Task log tabsΒΆ

The log tab for the active task can be opened by selecting Task/View log in the main menu. Log tabs can be closed. They display the contents of a log file (which is a text file with particular structure).


A task log tab.

In the top part of a log tab is the path to the log file and the timepoint when the log was created (timepoint of the first entry). Below this a group of checkboxes makes it possible to enable/disable the display of

  • relative time of log entries with respect to log start
  • host where the log entries originates from
  • local process IDs of the tasks that created the entries
  • local microthread IDs of the microthreads that created the entries
  • PyOPUS subsystem IDs specifying the subsystems that created the messages

The log can be scrolled. If the Tail checkbox is checked then the log jumps to its last entry whenever a new entry is detected in the log file.