10.1.1. Opening plot windows

PyOPUS provides a wrapper around the MatPlotLib plotting library. The wrapper runs the code that refreshes the windows in a separate thread so that the windows remain active during computation. After a short prologue that sets up the windows the user can plot within those windows using the MatPlotLib API. The resulting figures can be exported in several file formats.

File 01-windows.py in folder demo/plotting/

from pyopus.plotter import interface as pyopl
if __name__ == '__main__':
	# Create a figure with default size (matplotlibrc). 
	print("pyopl.figure() returned: "+str(f0))
	# Create a figure with 400x300 pixels, 100dpi. This gives a 4x3 inch image. 
	f1=pyopl.figure(windowTitle="Window title 1", figpx=(400,300), dpi=100)	
	print("pyopl.figure() returned: "+str(f1))
	# Change window title. 
	pyopl.title(f1, "Changed window title 2")
	# Close a figure. 
	# pyopl.close(f1)
	# Close all figures
	# pyopl.close()
	# Show/hide (True/False) figure 
	# pyopl.showFigure(f0, False)
	# pyopl.showFigure(f0, True)
	# Raise figure / active figure 
	# pyopl.raiseFigure(f0)
	# Wait for the control window to be closed