1.8. pyopus.simulator.hspicefile — Support for reading HSPICE result files

HSPICE result file input

Contributed by Janez Puhan.

HSPICE results are stored in binary output files. Every file stores the results of only one analysis.

Only reading of result files is supported.

See the pyopus.simulator.rawfile module for the explanation of the default scale array.

pyopus.simulator.hspicefile.hspice_read(filename, debug=0)[source]

Returns a list with only one tuple as member (representing the results of one analysis).

The tuple has the following members

  1. Simulation results tuple with following members

If a variable was swept and the analysis repeated for every value in the sweep

  1. The name of the swept parameter

  2. An array with the N values of the parameter

  3. A list with N dictionaries, one for every parameter value holding the simulation results where result name is the key and values are arrays.

If no variable was swept and the analysis was performed only once

  1. None

  2. None

  3. A list with one dictionay as the only member. The dictionary holds the simulation results. The name of a result is the key while values are arrays.

  1. The name of the default scale array

  2. None (would be the dictionary of non-default scale vector names)

  3. Title string

  4. Date string

  5. None (would be the plot name string)

Returns None if an error occurs during reading.