11.2.2. Defining variables

We are going to define two variables holding the names of the MOS transistor instances and flags specifying whthere these transistors are of NMOS type. To see more on how variable values are specifiede read section Specifying field values and identifiers. If variable values are given with the hash notation as Pythonic expressions the expressions are evaluated in an environment that contains no variables.


Defining a variable in the GUI.

The value of variable mosList can be specified as

xmn1 xmn2 xmn3 xmn4 xmn5 xmp1 xmp2 xmp3

or as

#['xmn1', 'xmn2', 'xmn3', 'xmn4', 'xmn5', 'xmp1', 'xmp2', 'xmp3']

With the latter syntax we specify the isNmos variable which is list of flags specifying whether a transistor is of type NMOS.

#[1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0]

Variable names must be unique identifiers.